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Image of Paradoxical Cathulhu x Terra Walker

Paradoxical Cathulhu x Terra Walker

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Paradoxical Cathulhu x Terra Walker
LE30; 2.25" tall; triple posted; translucent glow; glitter w/ epoxy; blue anodyzed metal.

Each order for the Paradoxical Cathulhu qualifies for ONE chance to win a free (blindbag) LE10 'Mystical' Cathulhu Gift Variant (5th pic).

The first 4 pics are the Paradoxical Cathulhu (natural outdoor lighting; UV lighting; glow - no lighting; back of pin).

Collective Soul Creations is now offering for the first time an LE15 'Set Variant' for $15. This LE15 set variant, named 'Ancient' Cathulhu (old school white glow except with antique copper) will only be available to Customers who cart the entire 8 pin set. We will apply credit and/or reimburse for MULTIPLE shipping.

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