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Image of Cathulhu set x Terra Walker

Cathulhu set x Terra Walker

$255.00 - Sold out

Cathulhu set x Terra Walker

'Matching numbers' Set of 9 includes:
LE30 Gudmun
LE30 Paradoxical
LE25 Tuxic
LE25 Guardian
LE20 Schrodinger's
LE20 Meezer
LE20 Overlord
LE15 Ancient (Set Variant - available in full sets only)

Each order for the Cathulhu set qualifies for THREE chances to win a free (blindbag) LE10 'Mystical' Cathulhu Gift Variant (see pic).

We will be offering these full sets for a limited time only, until about 6:30pm cst today (unless we sell out!). Thank you 🙏

Individual Cathulhu variants drop tonight, Friday, August 20th, at 7:30pm cst. We will drop subsequent 'Surprise' variants a short time (15-30 minutes) later.

Collective Soul Creations is now offering for the first time an LE15 'Set Variant'. This LE15 set variant, named 'Ancient' Cathulhu (old school white glow except with antique copper), is available in full sets only.

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