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Image of 2022 CSC March Blindbag Sale Pin

2022 CSC March Blindbag Sale Pin

$27.50 - Sold out

✨This order is for one CSC pin variant in BB sale.
✨Each order qualifies for ONE chance to win a free gift variant (each customer can win only one free gift variant).
✨Each order is $27.50 (plus $4 shipping). We will reimburse for multiple shipping.
✨Customers may purchase a maximum of 10 orders (we reserve the right to alter the maximum amount of orders able to be purchased). See CSC BB sale 5-pack for discount.
✨We will guarantee no duplicates.
✨We will attempt to not duplicate a previous purchase from CSC.
✨Sale runs the first 2 weeks of March.

💥💥We plan on adding some more vintage pins and free gift variants throughout sale! These will be announced on our group page.💥💥

💥💥Make sure to join our Facebook group for giveaways happening the duration of BB sale! Keep those notifications on.💥💥

💥💥 The 2022 Collective Soul Creations March Blindbag sale features the vintage Kyle Kitchen Sailor's Plea! This classic 7 pin KKitchenArt set is from our #10 collection and is arguably the creamiest set ever?!? Someone will get the LE10 'An Ancient' Sailor's Plea gift variant for free!!💥💥

💥💥IF you don't receive one of those vintage beauties, you might get a brand new LE40 Elder Geisha Girl x Steve Wilson. Vectored and colored by EmiMonster, these are only available for the first time in this BB sale. A fantastic collaboration!💥💥

💥💥Last but not least, our overstock of 2021 pins includes works by such Artists as Terra Walker, Erik Martinez, Dustin Parsons, Munkie Strike and Ycapkin. These pins are all high quality and now available at a discount.💥💥

We truly appreciate your support!
Peace and Love from Duncan, Kim and the CSC Team

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